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2016 Letter Regarding Combining Confirmation Programs of Sacred Heart and St. Paul Churches:

July 19, 2016
Dear Friends,
After some consideration with the parish staff here at Sacred Heart and the Pastoral Council, I feel it is best if we combine our Religious Education Program with the Religious Education at St. Paul effective September 2016.  Members of our parish staff approached Fr. Robert and Robin Veronesi, Director of Religious Education at St. Paul Church, to see of it was feasible and if St. Paul was willing to combine our two Programs.  Here are the reasons for our decision: 
  • Because of the size of our parish and our program, it is often difficult to find enough catechists even with the small classes.
  • With no resident priest, it is difficult to provide our children with the option of going to confession or having any contact with a priest during their Religious Education classes.  At St. Paul, the priests try and visit with the Religious Education classes on a regular basis and every class goes to confession at least once a year.
  • Most of the children from our parishes already study together in the Berlin Public Schools.  From Middle School on they are all in the same classes and know each other well.
  • In grades 1-8, our programs use the same curriculum and textbooks.
  • There are already several of our young people in the St. Paul Confirmation Program because they wanted to prepare for the sacrament with their friends in a larger program.
  • This year St. Paul Church has hired a Youth Minister and it is their hope to find ways to integrate a new Youth Ministry Program with the Religious Education Program.
There is now a link on the Sacred Heart Parish website that will take our families to the St. Paul’s online Registration/Payment portal.  You can use this portal to register your children for Religious Education in the first two weeks of August.  This will ensure our children can be placed in classes with the children from St. Paul.
Information regarding the St. Paul Religious Education Program along with a complete schedule for the coming year is available on the St. Paul website:   Please note that the Religious Education Office at St. Paul is closed during the month of July.  Feel free to call the office in early August should you have any questions.  The number is 860-828-1934.
I would also ask that our Sacred Heart catechists strongly consider assisting with the combined program at St. Paul.  Your presence will help make this transition easier for our children.
Your understanding and support in this matter is vital to the welfare and interest of our children.
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Lawrence Bock
Administrator, Sacred Heart Church

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