"Lord, Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can't handle"

Our Mission     

The Mission of the Sacred Heart family is to be grounded in prayerful faith and to reflect The Heart of Christ in the ordinary circumstances of parish and family life.  This includes the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of each person and family of the parish.

Secondly, the parish is called to be truly Catholic.  That is to reach beyond the parish and to serve those in need in every capacity that the parish is able to do with its time, talent and treasure, and so to bring the presence of Christ to our world.

On March 1, 2017, Sacred Heart Church officially merged with St. Paul Church in Kensington to form one strong vibrant St. Paul Parish in Berlin.

Please CLICK HERE to view the St. Paul Parish website.

Feel free to contact the St. Paul Parish Office with questions or comments:
   Phone # 860-828-0331 
   Email ourchurch@stpaulkensington.org
   Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am - 4pm

MASS is held every Sunday morning at Sacred Heart Church at 9:30am.
The Holy Rosary is prayed every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm at Sacred Heart Church

Please CLICK HERE to view the online calendar for St. Paul Parish which includes both Sacred Heart Church and St. Paul Church.

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